Born to Be - Everybody is born to be something

Helping young people to fulfil their potential has long been a concern for Deutsche Bank and its foundations. The belief that life chances should not be determined by background is core to the Bank’s corporate citizenship strategy. But the barriers to success for young people vary depending on where they are born. Born to Be initiatives thus tackle the problems where they arise.

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Born to Be: the Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme

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Projects and Initiatives

We aim to inspire talented young people from socially disadvantaged environments to strengthen their self-confidence and accompany them during the transition between school and university studies.

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What do we aim to achieve?

Born to Be aims to break the cycles that lead to youth unemployment. The initiative is based on three pillars: strengthening youth confidence by raising aspirations, developing employability skills, and providing pathways to education and employment opportunities.

What is our approach?

Through proactive early intervention, Born to Be initiatives deliver tangible impact by helping young people create their own path in the workforce. To achieve this, the Bank partners with organisations and charities across the globe.

What have we accomplished?

After the first successful year in the United Kingdom, Born to Be is now rolled out around the world – in APAC, South Africa, Germany, Spain and the USA.

  • In 2013, more than 400,000 participants in educational programs
  • Born to Be UK expects to reach 160,000 young people over the next four years
  • 96,000 students took part in Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank
  • 90% of the COMPASS OF STUDIES participants pursue a university education
  • 4,950 underprivileged students supported by College Ready Communities
  • In South Africa, more than 6,800 people benefit from Bulungula Incubator

Our specific measures

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