Experience culture

Culture opens new perspectives

Experiencing art and culture fosters creativity and therefore the capability to excel, perceive, and communicate. Deutsche Bank makes contemporary art and exceptional music accessible to more and more people.


people reached with art and music initiatives around the world

What do we want to achieve?

With our projects and initiatives, we aim to help people overcome reservations about art and music, generate their enthusiasm and appreciation for culture and, together with our partners in culture, foster the creativity and confidence of children and young people.

How are we implementing that?

  • Together with renowned partners such as the Berliner Philharmoniker, we develop innovative, long-term structures for reaching out to children and young people. For instance, we support the orchestra’s Educational Programme.
  • We create a greater awareness for cultural learning through initiatives such as Children to Olympus!
  • We bring culture to people: Launched in 2013, Operndolmuş is our third project aimed at motivating people to experience culture.
  • We help cultural institutions develop educational programs. For instance, we are the education partner of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

What have we achieved?

  • Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank, UK: More than 97,000 school students have participated in the program since 2005.
  • Toca Zezinho!, Brazil: 400 children from socially disadvantaged environments have received music instruction for free.
  • Berliner Philharmoniker, Germany:
    • Education Programme: 37,000 children have participated
    • Digital Concert Hall: 550,000 registrations
  • Children to Olympus!, Germany: 31,500 children participated in the competition in 2014
Kultur erleben

Infographic: Culture opens new perspectives

The active participation in art and music projects allows young people to be creative, achieve together as a team and thereby gain confidence.

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Cultural learning – Learn more about our project partners and initiatives

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