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In South Africa there is an ever-growing number of non-profit organisations competing for funding from donors. At the same time, there is a shortage of resources available to help organisations achieve the financial sustainability to be long-term agents of change.

The Income Generation Programme is run by Deutsche Bank in partnership with the socially-motivated business school TSiBA to address this issue. It is designed to help non-profits find alternative sources of income that can reduce the financial uncertainty created by donor reliance. A more diversified revenue base can also help organisations achieve greater capacity and impact.

The nine-month course empowers participants with the knowledge and tools they need to become more self-sufficient. Learning to think more commercially is among the biggest challenges for leaders. The programme shows that to do the most good, it pays to have a good business model.

Key achievement


Shine was one of 25 non-profit organisations to benefit from the Income Generation Programme in 2015.

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Leading financial sustainability

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Literacy is essential for people of all ages to access educational and employment opportunities, especially in a country like South Africa where low literacy levels contribute to one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

Shine promotes literacy in poor communities in the Western Cape region of South Africa through programmes for children. Almost 90% of children show significant improvement in their literacy within a year.
Wider social benefits of Shine’s work include job opportunities for the unemployed, whom Shine recruits to run programmes in township schools. Shine also contributes to social entrepreneurship through a franchise model that provides training on how to start up a literacy centre.

Since taking part in the NPC Income Generation Programme, Shine has entered the corporate market. Shine’s family literacy workshops for companies show employees how to help their children and families become confident readers. Another new direction has seen Shine run training programmes for the public sector.


Maurita Weissenberg, Shine

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