Promoting Science

Encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue

As a global player with a presence in over 70 countries, Deutsche Bank relies on effective cross-cultural and interdisciplinary cooperation. The Bank is committed to strengthening the ties between academia and business, and works closely with recognised universities.

149.5 m

euros have been donated to the Deutsche Bank Donation Fund since 1970.

What do we want to achieve?

In science, there is a trend toward specialization while the global economy is becoming increasingly complex. Decisions reached on one side of the globe can simultaneously have an impact on other regions. For this reason, we would like to promote the interdisciplinary dialog between knowledge and practice.

How are we implementing that?

At many locations, Deutsche Bank works closely with local universities, creates additional professorships and awards science prizes.

What have we achieved?

  • long-term collaboration with universities
  • intensive exchange with leading scientists
  • funding of three professorships at the Bocconi University in Milan, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) and the Luxembourg School of Finance
  • Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics, Europe’s highest scientific honor for finance, monetary and macroeconomics
Promoting Science

Infographic: Promoting Science - worldwide

Deutsche Bank supports leading universities and excellent researchers to enhance knowledge transfer between theory and practice

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Academic excellence and the exchange between science and practice are of paramount importance to the widespread growth of knowledge.

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