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October 21, 2013

Deutsche Bank: Most Innovative Transaction Bank from Europe

A major theme that runs through the transaction banking industry is the need for clients to reduce risk and increase transparency. While clients are looking to operate more efficiently, they need tools that are easy to use and present information in a user-friendly format.

Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn App Market was a significant milestone for the industry when it was introduced, as it was the first of its kind in the financial services industry.

The app-based solution simplifies the complexity of the bank’s existing electronic banking platforms and users can sign in once to the ‘one-stop shop’ and customise the apps according to their needs. The apps include those that allow regular banking and execution tools, while also providing users with the bank’s research and analytics tools.

The tool means that electronic products across Deutsche Bank’s business divisions and asset classes can be combined into one integrated offering. The project was initially born out of a realisation that the solution had to be designed so that it could be used by different areas of the bank and could be integrated so that clients could access a range of tools. The Autobahn App Market was developed in different parts of the bank, including the product management division of Global Transaction Banking and Corporate Banking & Securities’ e-commerce division.

The Banker – Innovation in Technology and Transaction Banking Awards 2013 – Winner Most innovative transaction bank from Europe: Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank has been named the Most Innovative Transaction Bank from Europe for the development of this Autobahn App Market. While the market has been developed over a number of years, the award has been given for Deutsche Bank’s continued improvement and development of the solution in recent months.

At the moment, there are 150 apps within Autobahn, with the number expected to continue to climb in the months ahead. In less than 12 months, Deutsche’s GTB division has onboarded 20 apps for cash management and transaction banking, as well as liquidity management.

These apps include the liquidity manager app, which allows clients to improve the visibility of their local and global liquidity positions, both at Deutsche Bank and third-party banks. The app gives oversight for individual accounts or at an aggregated level, and enables users to improve their internal forecasting process by automatically aggregating forecasts at a regional or global level, for example. Another app that has been added, the cash manager app, gives payment information to the users via an easy-to-use dashboard.

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