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April 8, 2014

New guide to offshore Renminbi available

Deutsche Bank has released an updated and expanded version of its popular Brief Guide to Offshore Renminbi (RMB), which includes information on a broader range of the Bank’s offshore Renminbi capabilities and key practicalities for corporate and institutional clients.

The guide provides Deutsche Bank’s clients from with an introductory overview of the opportunities presented by a more global RMB, the drivers for RMB internationalisation and analysis of Hong Kong’s burgeoning offshore RMB (CNH) market.

The 2014 edition, At the Centre of RMB internationalisation, includes two FAQ sections (for corporations and investors & financial institutions) and a comprehensive RMB road map, a comprehensive section on the CNH bond market and an expanded Transaction Banking section.

Also included are the latest data on RMB internationalisation, new regulatory developments, and Deutsche Bank’s latest forecasts for RMB cross-border trade, asset growth and the CNH market.
Deutsche Bank continues to be a leading player in CNH:

  • ranked No.3 for CNH bonds in 2011 (Bloomberg); 
  • leading provider of liquidity to the CNH FX market (broker estimates), having executed the first CNH cross-currency swap, FX swap and FX forward. Deutsche was also the first bank to provide electronic trading of CNH, via Autobahn FX; 
  • launched the first investable CNH bond index, DB ORBIT, in July 2011 and is the leading provider of liquidity to the CNH bond market (broker estimates); 
  • provides the full range of CNH cash management, trade finance and custody products and continues to grow market share; 
  • provides a popular fortnightly report, The CNH Market Monitor, which provides insight and analysis on the latest trends and developments in CNH.

Additional information:

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