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April 3, 2013

Capital Market Integration in South East Asia – Challenges and Opportunities

 A group of seven exchanges of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) recently took a significant step towards capital market integration with the ASEAN Trading Link, opening the door for a new era of collaboration between ASEAN economies. As the integration of trade order routing gains traction and is followed up by plans for post-trade linking of clearing and settlement, it will give rise to a number of challenges and opportunities.

The ultimate vision of the ASEAN countries is to forge closer collaboration among the seven member exchanges, which together boast a combined market capitalisation of USD 2.1 trillion, making it the 4th largest market in the Asia Pacific region. This collaboration in turn is aimed at achieving the wider goal of encouraging capital market growth, driving the development of new ASEAN products, attracting more investment and promoting cross-border trades.

The enclosed white paper set within the context of on-exchange traded equities outlines the challenges and opportunities which may arise from any future post-trade integration.

Additional information:
White Paper: Post-trade Integration in the ASEAN – Challenges and OpportunitiesPost-trade Integration in the ASEAN – Video Interview with Thibaud de Maintenant, Global Head of Direct Securities Services
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