June 18, 2013

Deutsche Bank awarded at Morningstar Awards 2013

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management won the Morningstar Award 2013 with its ETF platform db X-trackers.
Deutsche Bank was assigned two awards:
– "Best Fund House", in the "Best Bond House Specialist" category
– "Best Fund", in the "Euro Government Bond" category, with the product "db X-trackers II iBoxx EUR Sovereigns Eurozone 15 + UCITS ETF 1C (EUR)"
These awards are a further confirmation of Deutsche Bank’s leadership on the Italian ETF market. The Bank in Italy is a top player in this industry, with more than 150 ETF funds listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2007.
The Morningstar Awards are assigned on an annual basis by the American investment research company Morningstar and recognize companies and investment funds that created customer value over the last year and on a long-term horizon.

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