A Dynamic Workplace

We work in an environment of unusually high collaboration and innovation, made by possible by an uncommon flexibility. Everyone is engaged and empowered.

In this space without boundaries, ideas and energy can flow freely to inspire. Knowledge is shared. Doors are opened to give you access to decision makers and speed up decision making. We utilise the latest technologies to collaborate but that doesn't limit personal interaction as well. We work best in teams, exchanging our ideas and information face to face or in conference.

This is a workplace that's in tune with the way work is changing too. It's home to different working styles and preferences that range from the desk based to the highly mobile. Lots of different perspectives too, due to our mix of many backgrounds and nationalities.

Our people work in and out of the office, within teams that can be local but which are often drawn from many time zones. Remote access, web-based collaboration tools and flexible working patterns help to keep the needs of work and home life in balance at all times, accompanied by the professional support and the benefits you'd expect from one of the world's leading banks.

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