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Are you able to think logically and creatively to solve what can be very challenging problems, to be cool under pressure and most importantly of all, to work well in teams? Do you want the opportunity to work with the very latest technology, in an industry that is always looking for the next breakthrough?

Because as a Group Technology & Operations (GTO) graduate you'll be in the spotlight right from the start. Working on projects that are usually global in scope, you'll come into contact with senior figures who want to hear your ideas and observations. You're expected to make a difference. There's no hiding place. But that also means regular opportunities to gain recognition for the way your mind works, as someone who thinks beyond the obvious.


So what kinds of roles do we offer?

Business Analysis - See our future (and tell us how to get there)

As a Business Analyst you'll need to think beyond today to imagine the systems we need for tomorrow. Then see them put in place.

Your role will see you:

  • Host discussions with stakeholders for information gathering, resources commitment and clarification
  • Deliver your analysis to project management teams for implementation
  • Partner with Functional Analysts to produce the functional specification to assist with optimal delivery

Expect to:

  • Benchmark and model current systems
  • Develop proposals and specifications for new requirements with business representatives and service providers
  • Lead testing through to final sign-off
  • Engage with project management teams to ensure smooth implementation of business requirements

Project Management - Mission control

Be involved in what's happening at all levels of our business, consulting, reporting and shaping outcomes as a Project Manager.

Your role will see you:

  • Manage delivery of projects within scope, quality, time and budget
  • Build and manage relationships with project stakeholders

Expect to:

  • Design project plans and manage their delivery
  • Use state of the art tools to monitor progress
  • Identify and deal with risks and issues as they emerge
  • Answer to senior decision makers within the business

Application Development - Run our app store

As an application developer, we need you to take original ideas and turn them into hard-working apps with commercial advantages.

Your role will see you:

  • Contribute to the functional specification and technical design of applications
  • Develop, enhance, test and verify code
  • Create application documentation, such as training materials and issue logs

Expect to:

  • Design new applications
  • Programme code
  • Partner with internal and external service providers

Production Management - Full speed ahead

Within Production Management you'll engineer superior systems that deliver maximum performance in all conditions.

Your role will see you:

  • Investigate and resolve or escalate production issues
  • Analyse, design and code new requirements for the existing application
  • Coordinate testing and the deployment of applications and enhancements
  • Minimise operational and reputational risk by managing  our system's capacity

Expect to:

  • Test and deploy new requirements and applications
  • Handle production issues
  • Enhance and streamline established systems and processes

Vendor & Service Management - Make connections

In Vendor & Service Management you'll need to get our business and our partners seeing eye to eye and speaking the same language.

Your role will see you:

  • Enhance and standardise vendor and service management documentation and tools such as templates, best practice and performance indicators
  • Consult and support vendor and service managers in the transition and knowledge transfer process
  • Identify areas where processes can be streamlined and more efficient

Expect to:

  • Manage the relationship between the business and service providers
  • Identify and act on new business and vendor requirements
  • Onboard new suppliers

Functional Analyst - Be our navigator

Functional Analysts keep our technology development on track to keep us ahead of the competition. Your role will see you:

  • Create and modify functional specifications and business facing documentation
  • Resolve functional issues from User Acceptance Tests
  • Support testing on behalf of users, operations and testing teams

Expect to:

  • Identify and address obstacles in advance
  • Troubleshoot problems picked up in testing
  • Collaborate with GTO colleagues on solutions

Technical Specialist - Innovation architect

Technical Specialists use their creativity to design and build the future. Your role will see you:

  • Assist in the high level design of technical software
  • Identify dependencies between software product components, between technical components and between applications and interfaces
  • Conduct design reviews

Expect to:

  • Turn business requirements into technical specifications
  • Assess and mitigate risk in designs
  • Create prototypes of new products for testing

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