Stable Past Stable Future

The global financial crisis affected all industries and banking more than most. But to become the best you have to be able to deal with the difficult times.

Our forward thinking meant we were in better financial shape going into the crisis than many of our competitors and we adapted quickly to maintain business as usual and give our clients the support that they needed. We began our rise to the top rank of global investment banks a decade ago. We emerged from the crisis stronger than ever. Today we are recognised as a leader around the world.

Throughout this period we kept our focus on developing the best technology to be able to provide the best service. We also maintained our commitment to the careers of our graduates. In both cases that's because we have a long-term strategy.

The demands on our organisation for better technology and greater efficiency are growing all the time. That's not going to change. We need a pipeline of talent to come up with solutions not just for today but for tomorrow and the day after. People on our wavelength, who understand our organisation and industry and can operate in this environment. These are our graduates. And having found you and trained you, we don't intend to let you go.

Deutsche Bank is ranked as one of the most attractive employers for graduates in the world, above all other non-US investment banks. We're one of just three non-US companies in the Top 20.

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Last Update: 17.3.2011
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