Career Path at Group Management Consulting


    Graduates join GMC as “Analysts”.

    Analysts usually start by covering smaller work packages and support an Assistant Vice President or Vice President on the project. However, already at this level you will have direct interaction with the client on a working level and present your results towards management stakeholders.


    Professionals with at least 3 years of relevant professional experience can start as “Assistant Vice President”.

    As Assistant Vice President (AVP) you will usually be in charge of a whole workstream, larger work package or sub-project. On this level leading a small team and guiding more junior project members are part of the daily work as much as working closely together with clients on a working and management level in scoping and shaping the project.


    Professionals with five or more years of relevant professional experience can qualify as “Vice President”.

    On a Vice President level your responsibilities extend over an entire project including the direct team and potential sub-teams. Delivering on project goals is as important as establishing a trust-based relationship with our clients. This will go beyond solely project related issues but rather encompasses the acquisition of future projects and long-term relationship management across the divisions of the bank.
    Here you will also be fully responsible for all your team members in terms of providing them with the right growth opportunities, giving executable feedback, and managing your resources within the project.



    Professionals with more than 7 years of relevant professional experience can start as “Senior Vice President”.

    Building on the responsibilities of a Vice President, the Senior Vice President takes on responsibility for larger, more complex projects. These projects will usually feature higher senior management attention, greater financial impact and a larger team size – on GMC and on the clients’ side.
    Internally, as a SVPs you will take on more responsibility in one of GMC’s propositions where we focus on further improving our knowledge of the industry, developing our people through trainings and mentoring, and growing stronger and more capable as a team.

  •   A Director’s responsibilities are the extension of the already acquired set of a Senior Vice President. However, in addition you will specialize further in GMC’s internal competence areas. On the one hand by primarily managing projects for a single business or infrastructure function and on the other hand by focusing and leading one of our internal propositions.
    You will also become line manager to GMC colleagues from an Analyst to the SVP level. As a line manager you guide and support your direct reports in their personal career development – you are a mentor to them and represent their interests towards the GMC senior management.


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