Function and Core Initiatives

Key Governance Initiatives 2017 / 2018

Governance in the matrix

Deutsche Bank operates as a matrix model around a divisional, a geographical and a Legal Entity dimension. This often leads to uncertainty regarding responsibilities of the different roles and how to deal with conflicts arising between the dimensions. The revised Corporate Governance Fundamentals supported by a new Local Management Framework address these challenges. Global Governance accompanies senior management in implementing a proper governance enabling efficient information flow and decision-making across the matrix, hence supporting the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG in performing its legal and regulatory duty to steer the Group and to adhere to organizational requirements.

Policy Framework

Deutsche Bank’s written internal guidelines are developed and maintained along legal and regulatory requirements and must be transparent, consistent and accessible while supporting risk management. Global Governance is, in a first step, reviewing Deutsche Bank’s Policy Framework to further enhance the policy landscape. Major focus of this exercise is to ensure transparency of documents’ scope, enhance stakeholder involvement in the development process, align documents to risk types and reduce overlaps. In a second step, Global Governance will roll out the strengthened framework throughout the bank and sustainably support the implementation in particular for Group Policies.

Committee and Board Governance

After the successful implementation of the Committee Governance Framework across Deutsche Bank AG, it is now being rolled out to management committees of key legal entities of Deutsche Bank Group. In addition, the framework has been extended and adapted to boards as well as (non-executive) board committees of key legal entities of Deutsche Bank Group. Global Governance is now in the process of supporting legal entities to upgrade their board governance, to comply with internal as well as with regulatory group governance expectations.

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