Function and Core Initiatives

Key Governance Initiatives 2018 / 2019

Enhancement of Policies

Deutsche Bank’s written internal guidelines are developed and maintained along legal and regulatory requirements and must be transparent, consistent and accessible while supporting risk management. After a thorough review of Deutsche Bank’s Policy Framework, Group Governance is now supporting the review of Group Policies to achieve a simpler and leaner policy landscape.

Refining Position Governance

Deutsche Bank has Position Descriptions in place for senior management to create transparency of responsibilities and delineation of roles. Group Governance redesigned the framework and structure of Position Descriptions and achieved a considerable simplification and reduction of maintenance efforts, while retaining a robust emphasis on legal and regulatory aspects and requirements.

Strengthening Committee and Board Governance

After the successful implementation of the Committee Governance Framework across Deutsche Bank AG, the framework has been extended to cover all committees (meaning decision making fora) of main legal entities and adapted to boards as well as (non-executive) board committees of key legal entities of Deutsche Bank Group. Deutsche Bank is currently finalizing the implementation of these extended frameworks, supporting legal entities to upgrade their board and committee governance, to comply with internal as well as with regulatory group governance expectations.
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