Function and Core Initiatives

Key Governance Initiatives 2020

Enhancement of Policies

Policies are a management steering instrument and require a strong governance to ensure their alignment with the Bank’s strategy. In particular the policies impacting DB Group as a whole are key to achieve a consistent and sustainable approach to the functioning of the Group and require thus particular attention and gatekeeping.

Group Governance maintains the Bank’s Policy Framework towards the enhancement of the policy landscape and the Bank’s control environment and a special focus on reader friendliness.

Refining Position Governance

Regulatory requirements on transparency of organizational structures as well as on positions and their responsibilities have increased over the past years. Group Governance sets the framework and structure for Position Descriptions for senior management to ensure accountability along a correspondent empowerment. In addition, Group Governance also serves as gatekeeper for the Bank’s senior level organizational charts, building the bridge between organizational structures and individual responsibilities, aligning relevant guidelines and processes as well as information and data flows in this context.

Strengthening Committee and Board Governance

Proper decision-making needs the right empowerment, information and documentation. Committee and Board Governance at Deutsche Bank focuses on setting the framework for the establishment, composition and functioning of decision-making bodies and on tailor-made solutions which strengthen individual responsibility and accountability. Key to the Committee and Board Governance frameworks is the sustainable documentation of decision-making events in auditable platforms which allow for a swift retrieval of underlying information.

Governance of the Matrix Structure

Deutsche Bank has established a matrix structure, comprising Corporate Divisions and Infrastructure Functions operating in legal entities and branches and across geographic locations. For the smooth functioning of such matrix structure a proper information flow is essential. Group Governance maintains and is continuously gatekeeping a framework to support the interconnection of the matrix dimensions. Matching local legal requirements of a highly regulated industry to the internal governance framework at the same time is key to achieving a robust governance across the Group.

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