Shareholder Structure*

Large Shareholders acc. to Art. 33, Sec. 1 German Securities Trading Act - as of March 23, 2020

4.04% held by BlackRock, Inc., Wilmington, DE March 18, 2020
3.14% held by Douglas L. Braunstein, date of birth: January 15, 1961, (Hudson Executive Capital LP) October 31, 2018
3.05% held by Paramount Services Holdings Ltd., British Virgin Islands August 20, 2015
3.05% held by Supreme Universal Holdings Ltd., Cayman Islands August 20, 2015
3.001% held by Stephen A. Feinberg, date of birth: March 29, 1960, (Cerberus) November 14, 2017
2.77%1 held by The Capital Group Companies, Inc., Los Angeles, California March 23, 2020

1 Total percentage of voting rights: 3.74% (voting rights attached to shares: 2.77%, voting rights through financial instruments: 0.97%)

* The presentation of share ownership is based on the provisions of § 40 WpHG with respect to the voting rights notifications published by our major shareholders. Insofar as the Bank has reason to believe in individual cases that voting notifications of different persons subject to the notification obligation relate to the same holding of physical shares, the Bank reserves the right to summarize the notifications of voting rights in the presentation in order to ensure clarity. Deutsche Bank AG assumes no liability for the accuracy of the presentation.

For an overview of all voting rights according to § 40 WpHG respectively, please refer to the respective website of DGAP and the Company’s Register.

Number of shareholders

In thousands at year end

Shareholders by group in % of share capital

2,066.8 m shares at year end 2019

Regional distribution of share capital

In % at year end (figures rounded)

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