Deutsche Bank Collection Italy

DB Collection Italy, the Italian section of Deutsche Bank Art Collection, has introduced in Italy for the first time the concept of "Art at Work", the art that lives in workplaces and stimulates the everyday contact with the works of art displayed in the offices.

Since March 2007, over 300 works of contemporary artists (from Italy and other countries), including works coming from Frankfurt, new acquisitions and specially commissioned works have been on display in the Bank's head office in Milan Bicocca. Since 2007, the Bank Collection has rapidly expanded and it now has more than 600 works in the Italian offices, especially in Milan Turati and in Rome.

The common thread of the Milan collection is the contribution that Italy and its sociocultural context have given and are giving to Italian and foreign artists. The project was created with the aim of stimulating a cultural debate between Bank's employees, clients and guests. It is composed by works on paper, canvases, photographs, watercolours, collages, sculptures and installations. 

Deutsche Bank set up a programme of guided tours to DB Collection Italy, with annual openings of the buildings to the public.

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Last Update: September 21, 2016
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