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Deutsche Bank Art Collection was launched in the late 1970s as expression of a commitment towards art and culture. Since then this commitment has become part of the values of the Bank. The collection focuses on the works of the main international artists of the 20th century, from Modernism to the most recent contemporary movements, and was initially displayed in the Bank's office in New York and Geneva. The collection space was expanded over time and enriched by new artworks acquired from the most important international contemporary art fairs and through contacts with academies, artists and art galleries.

With the inauguration of the new Frankfurt headquarter in the mid-1980s, the "Art at Work" philosophy gained momentum and became an organic and structured project, now exported to 43 different Countries and displayed in five main exhibition spaces (Frankfurt, London, New York, Tokyo, Milan); each has its own specific characteristics and particular philosophy.

The Collection mainly consists of works on paper, photographs but also canvases, sculptures and video installations.

  • The world's most important corporate collection
    Over 56 thousand works of art displayed in several Bank offices and five permanent exhibition spaces: Frankfurt, London, New York, Tokyo and, since 21 March 2007, Milan
  • An innovative project: Art Works
    The concept that has always underpinned the Deutsche Bank collection is "Art Works": art that lives in workplaces and was developed with the aim of creating a daily interaction among Bank staff

  • Much more than an investment
    For Deutsche Bank contemporary art is first of all an intellectual asset which, by coming into contact with a non-traditional place like a bank, opens up new horizons in the world of work and has a positive effect on its workers. This way, the group helps to support and promote emerging artists and art galleries that are able to anticipate future trends.

  • The bank's ethos through art
    Over the years, the Collection has turned into a significant part of the company's ethos. The link between Deutsche Bank and art is reflected in all its activities. The Group's commitment towards art is a value, which is put to the service of clients through specific services, such as Art Advisory, and special initiatives, such as cultural events
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Last Update: May 26, 2011
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