"Visions" Open Day Deutsche Bank Collection Italy

Record attendance visit Deutsche Bank Italy's art collection. An estimated 1,800 people attended the Deutsche Bank open day in Milan

Deutsche Bank Italy opened its art collection to the public last Sunday, as part of the "Invito a Palazzo" - whereby local banks open their doors to the public. The event was organised in conjunction with the ABI (Italian Banking Association). 

This year's open day was entitled "Visions", aiming to encourage people to explore the many facets of contemporary art.

A record 1,800 people took part in the event, including more than 400 children.

Artists, designers, writers and Deutsche Bank employees guided the visitors around the collection.

The open day also provided children with an opportunity to approach contemporary art in a creative and educational way. They were led by art tutors to discover selected works of the collection. After the tour they created their own artworks in a laboratory using rubber stamps in different shapes and colours.

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Last Update: October 7, 2010
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