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Social Aspects

Our social activities

We take our responsibility as a corporate citizen and employer seriously and try to do justice to it at three different levels: by motivating and supporting our employees, by engaging in a dialog with our stakeholders and by strictly complying with human rights, both within and without the Bank.

In order to harmonize the interests of people, the environment and the economy in our decision-making, we want to understand the needs of our clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers and the requirements of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), state institutions, trade unions and other social groups. Therefore, we strive for an open and fair dialog with all our stakeholders.

Part of our value system is the observation of human rights, which is an integral component of Deutsche Bank's self-conception. In our sustainability guidelines, for example, we pledge to match international standards that both explicitly and implicitly include the observation of human rights. Therefore, guidelines such as the World Bank Standards, the OECD Principles for Multinational Enterprises, the International Labor Standards, and the UN Global Compact Principles apply across the Group.

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Last Update: November 22, 2010
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