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Our Mission Statement

Thinking today about tomorrow

The Deutsche Bank's mission statement regarding sustainability summarizes the principles of our sustainable action policy. It is based on the "UNEP Declaration of Financial Institutions regarding the Environment and Sustainable Development." The Deutsche Bank played a decisive role in the creation of this document.

Our mission statement on sustainability

We believe sustainability means future viability - with the aim of ensuring that future generations enjoy a healthy environment as well as stable economic and social conditions. We are committed to this guiding principle.

Taking sustainability into account serves to secure our long-term corporate value and reputation. Sustainability is an integral component of our business decisions. We go beyond legal requirements in taking into account social, ethical and ecological aspects in our everyday business.

We review and continually improve our everyday work procedures according to sustainability-related criteria.


We are committed to ensuring our staff members enjoy a healthy work environment, with legal requirements being an absolute minimum. As far as possible, we use the most eco-friendly technology and spare natural resources.

We regularly monitor our operations and goals.

We are committed to maintaining a sustainability management which will allow for continual improvement and prevention of pollution, as well as to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other environmental requirements Deutsche Bank has subscribed to.


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Last Update: December 3, 2010
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