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Deutsche Bank Italy acknowledged for ongoing commitment to sustainability

Deutsche Bank's Private & Business Banking (PBB) operations in Italy - a network of 271 branches - have received praise from the Italian Financial Innovation Association (AIFIn) for a number of sustainability initiatives.


In the 2010 'Banca & Territorio' awards - presented to banks in Italy for their corporate social responsibility projects - Deutsche Bank PBB Italy was among the top three in the 'Environmental Support and Conservation Initiatives' category.

In particular, PBB was praised for:

- Changing its car fleet to eco-friendly vehicles that, combining the gas and methane fuel supply, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 25% and nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 50%;
- Restyling and modernising its branches, installing low consumption lights and LED technology signs;
- Launching 'green' financing products for Italian small- and medium-enterprises.

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Last Update: November 8, 2011
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