December 12, 2013 Deutsche Bank and FAI together for the traditional Christmas Concert in Lecco
December 11, 2013 Deutsche Bank wins Ranstad 2013 award
November 29, 2013 Victor Man is "Artist of the Year" 2014
November 21, 2013 Deutsche Bank Italy supports emergency in Sardinia and in the Philippines
November 11, 2013 Deutsche Bank's Global Diversity Week 2013
October 21, 2013 Deutsche Bank hosts classical music concert at Teatro alla Scala
October 07, 2013 Deutsche Bank and FAI partner at the fundraising campaign "Remember to save Italy"
September 26, 2013 Deutsche Bank Easy: awarded as the best company in loans to families for the quality of service offered to customers
September 16, 2013 Deutsche Bank and Eni for the first Women in Business and Society Conference
September 10, 2013 Open Day 2013 - Deutsche Bank's new venue opens to the public
September 02, 2013 Imran Qureshi - Deutsche Bank's Artist of the Year - at MACRO Museum
July 02, 2013 Deutsche Bank is the new Top Sponsor and the Official Bank of FC Internazionale Milano
June 05, 2013 Deutsche Bank launches Deutsche Bank Easy: the new way to be bank
May 30, 2013 Deutsche Bank Italy goes social: opened the first account on Twitter and Linkedin
May 23, 2013 Deutsche Bank awarded at the Morningstar Awards 2013
May 14, 2013 Deutsche Bank Italy awarded by MF-Milano Finanza for Best Foreign Investment Bank in the country
March 18, 2013 Deutsche Bank's Artist of the Year 2013: the award goes to the Pakistani Imran Qureshi
March 01, 2013 Deutsche Bank, the first bank to physical convenience in mortgages
February 21, 2013 Deutsche Bank awarded at the Institutional Investor All Europe Research 2013
February 13, 2013 Deutsche Bank Italy finances innovative SMEs
January 16, 2013 Deutsche Bank and the European Investment Bank (EIB) support SMEs with a global loan of 200 million euro
December 14, 2012 Deutsche Bank and FAI: traditional Christmas concert in Lecco
November 30, 2012 Williams Syndrome: Hospital Bambino Gesù and Deutsche Bank give value to the experience
November 26, 2012 I Like Tuesdays # 4 on November 27
November 07, 2012 Deutsche Bank's Global Diversity Week
October 29, 2012 Deutsche Bank hosts Philarmonia Orchestra at La Scala theater
October 08, 2012 Open Day: over 1.000 participants visited DB Collection in Italy
September 18, 2012 Deutsche Bank Open Day 2012: "Daily life"
May 23, 2012 Artist Massimo Bartolini and novelist Maurizio Maggiani at I Like Tuesdays #3
March 14, 2012 I Like Tuesdays #2: over 100 people for Stefano Arienti and Adriana Cavarero
March 14, 2012 Ettore Spalletti and Carlo Sini at the opening of I Like Tuesdays cycle
March 01, 2012 I Like Tuesdays 2012. Evening talks dedicated to contemporary art are back
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