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I Like Tuesdays: on November 27 the closing talk for 2012 edition

November 15, 2012 ? Milan

Special guests Sissi and Paolo Fabbri will discuss the art of changing in Milan's Headquarters

After the great attendance for the first three events, Deutsche Bank presents the closing lecture of "I Like Tuesdays", on November 27 at 7:00 pm. Artist Sissi and semiologist Paolo Fabbri will meet the audience in the suggestive Headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Milan, upon the theme "The art of changing".

The talk will start from a question: which role does the way we dress have on our identity? Sissi will try to answer through her art, made up of different materials to create special dresses that transform her body's shape. On this basis, Paolo Fabbri will talk about the mutation of ourselves, caused by silent changes or tremendous breaks, to discover the endless opportunities of our changing identity.

Sissi is an internationally renowned artist. Her works have been shown in personal and collective exhibitions in many international museums, She was awarded with Gotham Prize in 2012 and Furla Prize for Art in 2002. Paolo Fabbri is one of the most influent Italian semiologists. He teaches at IULM University (Milan) and LUISS University (Rome). He wrote many books on language and communications, and founded the Center for Semiotics in Urbino.

After the lecture, guests will be offered drinks and will have the opportunity to take a special guided tour inspired to the theme of the talk. This is the last lecture of "I Like Tuesdays" for 2012

I Like Tuesdays - The art of changing
Tuesday, November 27, at 7:00 pm

For registration and information, please contact:
02 4024 3379

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