What is the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia?

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia is a foundation, that is, a private legal entity set up in accordance with arts. 14 and following of the Italian Civil Code. The Foundation's headquarters are in Piazza del Calendario 3, Milan, Italy.
The Foundation pursues cultural, social and public good goals, operating in the sectors of culture, education, social welfare and higher assistance. The Foundation is non-profit and may not distribute profits.
Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia is not a Banking Foundation.

What areas does the Deutsche Bank Foundation operate in?

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia carries out projects together with select partners from the non-profit sector in the following areas:

Arts, Crafts & Trades: initiatives for bring out the very best in Italian excellence in the fields of arts and crafts
Investment in the social area: Initiatives for disadvantaged communities
Education: projects for encouraging and supporting young talent

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What geographic areas does the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia operate in?

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia operates all over Italy.

Why did Deutsche Bank set up its own Foundation?

Deutsche Bank has always been involved, in Italy too, in Social Responsibility projects in favour of the communities it works in. Through the Fndazione Deutsche Bank Italia, the bank is introducing a new way of acting as a responsible citizen: the Fondazione, in fact, is a private non-profit entity created in Italy at the behest of the Bank in order to promote, implement and manage social responsibility projects in conjunction with high-ranking partner institutions. Through the Fondazione, the Bank aims to contribute, in an ever more incisive and effective manner, to the creation of social capital for the communities it works in.

What are the links between Deutsche Bank and the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia?

Deutsche Bank is the founder of the Foundation and it supports its activities in various different ways. Firstly, Deutsche Bank finances all the Foundation's projects and initiatives. It appoints the Board of Directors and assists with its functioning thanks to the involvement of its employees, who are given the possibility to take part in company volunteer activities, thereby using their acquired skills to assist the Foundation.
In its activities, the Foundation pursues the values at the heart of operations in Deutsche Bank.

What are the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia governing bodies?

The Foundation has the following governing bodies:

  • The Board of Directors;
  • The Chairman of the Foundation;
  • The Board of Auditors or the Sole Auditor.

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Are Deutsche Bank employees in Italy involved in the activities of the Fondazione?

Deutsche Bank Italy employees can take part in the Fondazione development thanks to corporate volunteering initiatives organized by the Fondazione itself. Employees can share their skills and get actively involved in the support of the Foundation itself.

Who are the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia partners?

The Deutsche Bank Foundation operates alongside prestigious partners, selected from amongst the most highly accredited organisations in the non-profit sector in Italy.

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How can I contact the Deutsche Bank Foundation?

Contact us

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia
Piazza del Calendario, 3
20126 Milano, Italy

Email address: fondazione.italia@db.com

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