Encourage people to stay at school in Italy

6 April 2017

Encourage people to stay at school in Italy

In Italy about 15% of native students don't get a degree from high school or professional training, while this figure rises to 34,3% for students born abroad. Both figures exceed the European average which is respectively of 11% and 22,7% (Source: MIUR, Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research). In the short term, school dropout causes the spread of bullying, young delinquency and other social problems, and continues to have negative effects over time, i.e. impacting the permanent income of people who did not complete their compulsory education.

In order to help responding to this issue, Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia has started a cooperation with Portofranco, a no profit center of study assistance for high school students, through the three-years project "Young people schooled by young people". This initiative, part of the Bank's global youth engagement programme "Born to Be", aims to involve university students as voluntary teachers for the over 1.000 students from 130 milanese high schools, attending Portofranco.

This partnership project was presented on April 6 at the headquarters of the association, at the presence of about 80 people. Emanuele Forlani, Chairman of Portofranco, and Flavio Valeri, Chairman of Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia and Chief Country Officer Italy of Deutsche Bank, gave a welcome speech. After the institutional greeting by, among the others, Deputy Mayor of Milan Anna Scavuzzo, and Deputy Ministry of Education, Gabriele Toccafondi, two former students, now volunteers at Portofranco, presented their experience with the association, characterized by a path from study motivation to the degree.

The event concluded with an exceptional testimonial: the famous Italian comedian and actor Giacomo Poretti, who underlined the importance to identify the talent inside each one of us to nourish motivation.


Portofranco is a center of study assistance for middle and high school students. In 2016 it hosted more than 1.700 students thereof 500 foreigners/immigrants. Thanks to more than 350 volunteers, among current and retired teachers, professionals and university students, Portofranco offers free support to daily homework, remedial programs and behavioral issues totaling about 20.000 hours per year.


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