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The advantages

SEPA is an innovative and ambitious project, and as time goes by, the benefits of a single payment market will become apparent:

More efficiency

Europe will become more efficient thanks to the harmonisation of payments, which represent an integral part of every business transaction carried out in society.

More opportunities

As barriers disappear, we become the key players of a European market, where there will be more opportunities to innovate and increase competitiveness.

Strengthening of the euro

The integrated payment systems will support the development of the euro, increasing the trust in this currency and promoting stronger economic ties throughout SEPA.

Payment cards will become more and more accepted, thus reducing the need for cash and improving safety for customers.

For small and medium companies, the simplification of handling procedures and the shortening of settlement timings will improve cash flows and reduce costs. They will also be able to make and receive payments in euro throughout the SEPA at the same conditions.

As for merchants and large companies, the adoption of common standards will lead to significant savings and will enable them to offer citizens more and more efficient services.
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Last Update: June 29, 2010
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