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Banco Alimentare

For several years, Deutsche Bank has been collaborating with Banco Alimentare, aiming to recover and re-distribute food exceeding to the least fortunate ones. In addition to many volunteering activities, in 2014 we have donated all the prevents of our first Social Bond in Italy.

Fighting against Food Poverty

2018 ? Milan

Social Bonds are a new financial instrument to collect private investments: part of the prevents is donated, aiming to reduce or prevent social problems. In 2014 Deutsche Bank has built the first social bond in favor of Banco Alimentare Onlus. The success of social bond has allowed Deutsche Bank to donate more than 100 euros to finance the research "Food Poverty in Italy", that has been presented in 2015 at EXPO.
This was an important experiment, symbolizing the importance of using finance as a tool to build solidarity and social cohesion.

In addition, Deutsche Bank employees since 2013 have been involved in volunteering activities in collaboration with Banco Alimentare.

Employees involved into volunteering activities

Banco Alimentare

Since 1989, the non-profit organisation Banco Alimentare has been recovering food items throughout Italy which, despite being unopened and unexpired, would nevertheless be destroyed as they can no longer be marketed. Saved from destruction, they reacquire value and worth for those who have too little. The Banco Alimentare network works every day across Italy through 21 Banco Alimentare organisations located nationwide and coordinated by the non-profit Fondazione Banco Alimentare. In 2013, 62,826 tons of surplus food items were recovered and 9,828 tons of donated food products were collected, 9,037 tons of which during the National Food Collection Day. 790,912 cooked meals were also recovered from catering enterprises, company and school canteens, besides 309 tons of bread and fruit.

Of food collected and donated to Banco Alimentare from Deutsche Bank employees.

They said about us
"We are truly grateful to Deutsche Bank for choosing to undertake an economic operation for the common good in this difficult food emergency situation. The backing of such a reliable partner as Deutsche Bank enables us to tackle the current difficulties with great determination, further increasing the daily recovery of food and its redistribution in the areas of greatest need in our country."


Andrea Giussani, chairman of the non-profit Fondazione Banco Alimentare.

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