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Club ITACA Roma

Deutsche Bank supports ITACA Onlus, an association that aims to provide to those affected by mental disabilities the necessary tools and skills to become independent and be able to find their own way.

ITACA in Rome

2018 ? Rome

ITACA project was born in 2010 in order to promote initiatives and project dedicated to those affected by mental or physical disabilities and their families. Foundation Deutsche Bank Italy has supported the construction of a Clubhouse, an innovative structure. Hosts are not considered as patients or clients, but they play an active role in the everyday managing of the structure and all the related activities. The collaboration between professional staff and people affected by mental diseases is meant to be, for the latter, the roots of a autonomous life. The final objective is to introduce them in enterprises to find their own working satisfaction.

The Partner

ITACA project operates in Italy through the "Club", structures in which the hosts are considered as partners and they actively cooperate to the management and the everyday activities of the area. In this way, people affected by mental or physical disabilities can learn how to work in different fields: secretary, administration, formation and communication aiming to become autonomous. This method is inspired to the American Fountain House Model, certified by ClubhouseInternational. Since 2002, ITACA has also a Green Number that can be used by those suffering of depression, anxiety and other problems as well as to their families.

They said about us

"In mythology and in Mediterranean historical culture, Itaca represents the final destination of a long journey. A journey fraught with difficulties. Always keep Itaca in your mind, reaching it will be your goal."

Ughetta Radice Fossati Orlando, Itaca Project Manager

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