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Cometa Foundation

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia supports the students of Cometa Foundation in their path to become professional craftsmen.

The Workshop of Wood

2018 ? Como

Deutsche Bank Italy Foundation, through a partnership with Cometa Foundation actively support the Oliver Twist School that offers vocational and professional training courses for young people. Deutsche Bank Italy has founded the project Wood Workshop, a three-year project that aims to give visibility to young artisans. About 100 students will receive a project to handle; during the implementation, they will have the possibility to take advantage of the technical and motivational support of experts. Finally, every year, Deutsche Bank will select the best projects and it will give the opportunity to the students to take part to Il Salone del Mobile, one of the most design fair in Italy. The young artists will have to chance to get in touch with investors and potential partners that will eventually support their business projects. 

Students of the Workshop of Wood enlarge

Students of the Workshop of Wood

Students of the Workshop of Wood

The projects that will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.

Our Partner

Oliver Twist School was founded in 2009 and it is part of the activities of the Cometa Foundation. Cometa have been working for several years in the construction of a City inside the City, a place where young people and their families can grow, study and gain competences. Several hundreds of young people have lived inside the community: thanks to the help of the staff, volunteers and partner enterprises these young guys had the opportunity to live in a stimulating environment, where they have learn to face the working environment. In this City, the role of the Oliver Twist school is extremely relevant: the school proposes professional training not only through frontal lessons, but also with field projects and internships. The main objective of the school is to build excellences in some of the traditional sectors of the Made in Italy: textile, craftsmanship and hospitality.

The students of the Workshop of Wood involved in the project

"Since the very beginning the method used with our students is to do it for real, to learn by doing. This is true also for the 'Workshop of Wood', whose objective is to introduce young people to the real job world"

Erasmo Figini, Founder of Cometa

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