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San Patrignano and Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia is the main sponsor of the fundraising auction held every year by San Patrignano Community.

Fundrasing auction 2016

26th November 2016 ? Milan

It was held the 26th of November the 17th edition of the fundraising auction in favor of San Patrignano sponsored by Deutsche Bank: San Patrignano Community is one of the most important center in Europe against drug addictions. In particular, Fondazione Deutsche Bank will be the main partner with more than 500 participants, where the main characters will be the young people of San Patrignano.

Thanks to the funds raised during the dinner and the action, a concrete support will be offered to the Community, helping the young people in their everyday life: projects linked to sport, educational activities and initiatives meant to improve sanitary and welcoming structures. Deutsche Bank, and then Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia has supported San Patrignano since 2010, making the Community becoming one of the most import Corporate Responsibility partners.

The project perfectly embraces the values of the global program Born to Be, meant to involve young people answering to some of the critical issues of new generations. Deutsche Bank promotes projects supporting training and education, meant to encourage young people to develop the necessary competences to pursue their aspirations and get prepared for the job world. After being launched in UK in 2013, it has rapidly spread around the world. In each country the program has different characteristics, but a shared mission: help young people find their way as anybody has born to be someone.

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