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Launch of Made for Good in Italy

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia has launched the global program Made for Good in Italy. Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia, in collaboration with Cometa will support the Workshop of Wood, the project dedicated to the young people that will get closer to the world of craftsmanship and Wood manufacturing.

The Workshop of Wood

24 November 2016 ? Como

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia and Fondazione Cometa have officially announced the start of the project, "The Workshop of Wood- train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to re-launch craftsmanship in Italy", a three-year partnership that aims to provide young people with a professional and managerial training that would bring them to the job world, especially on the artisanal sector. Supporting craftsmanship is a way to promote innovative ideas to answer to the main current issues, such as poverty, unemployment, pollution and inequalities.

More than 100 students attending the Oliver Twist School, supported by wood masters and dedicated tutors, will take part to the project becoming themselves the main makers of all the production phases: from the ideation to the projecting until the production itself. This represents a key point of the Cometa Study Method whose main aim is to offer a practical training and education. Among the projects, some will be selected and presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017, one of the most relevant design fairs in Europe.

During the inauguration, Erasmo Figini, Cometa founder, and Alessandro Mele, director of Cometa Formazione have taken the hosts around the City in the City, a wide area where all the activities organized by Cometa are held: houses where adopted children with their new families live, the Oliver Twist School and the bar-restaurant that have recently opened to the public. After the guided tour, during a press conference Figini and Mele have described their experience in Cometa and the association mission: to welcome whoever arrives in this place and take him to the life, this is how the founder has described Cometa mission and approach.

Also Flavio Valeri, Chief Country Officer in Italy of Deutsche Bank and Chairman of Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia, has explained the bank support to enterprises and other organizations involved in the global programme Made for Good. The conference has finished with the story of Antonio, a former student of the workshop of wood: he arrived in Cometa with a difficult background and no intention to continue with its education and currently is a young professional, working in a woodworking laboratory. The event has concluded with a lunch offered and prepared by The Workshop of Flavor, the educational laboratory that manages the bar and the restaurants of the Foundation.

For years, Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia has been involved in the supporting of communities in which the Bank operates, together with prestigious partnerships in the non profit field. The Wood of Workshop perfectly fits our mission: together with Cometa, we will offer Oliver Twist students the opportunity to learn, a profession for their future e the future of our country, while contributing to the conservation and the growth of Made in Italy.

Flavio Valeri durante la conferenza stampa enlarge

Flavio Valeri durante la conferenza stampa

Flavio Valeri durante la conferenza stampa

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