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Deutsche Bank Italia is partner of Polihub, the startup incubator of Milan Polytechnic. Active since 2000, Polihub has built a virtual and physical space where small innovative enterprises can grow and receive all the support they need during the most critical phases of their development. Deutsche Bank Italia support this reality through mentorship programs, providing the esperience of some senior managers to develop the most innovative ideas.


The Partner

Polihub is an important reality on the italian territory. It has been one of first ones to have perceived a growing need in the society: provide the necessary resources, experience and network to small entrepreneurs. Currently, the incubator has become one the most important incubators worldwide. Over its 15 years, it has helped 70 startups to land off and only in 2015 it has received more than 1250 ideas. The activities can be sum up as follows:
Scouting: selecting the most innovative projects and ideas;
Tutorship: consolidate the team of the new entrepreneurs;
Mentorship: personalized support, strategic planning and business plan through the support of a well built team of successful Italian managers and entrepreneurs;
Advisory: support in the fundraising and in the growth phase;
Open Innovation: help the startup to grow and innovate through networking events, conferences and the permanent Observatory.

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Last Update: December 29, 2016
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