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Students learn from Students

2018 ? Milan

Portofranco is a no-profit organization whose main aim to provide middle school and high school students with afternoon lessons for free in the area of Milan. With Deutsche Bank Foundation, they aim to reduce the phenomenon of schoold dropout for those young people living in difficult conditions. The project Students learn from students will involve more than 300 university students who will provide lessons and help to more than 1000 students of about 130 schools in Milan. Deutsche Bank Foundation will finance the formation of the university students to promote the value that volunteering activities bring to the society, notwithstanding the evident savings for the families.

The university students involved in the project

Our partner

The association was born in 2000, when some professors have decided to provide their experience and knowledge to some students in the area for free. In the last year, Portofranco has become an important area of aggregation for the young people in Milan, in addition to a fundamental support in the development of their education. All services are free of charge for the students, who have the possibility to organize their path and their time autonomously.

Middle and high school students that will receive free education.

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Last Update: July 25, 2018
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