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Seragnoli Foundation

Seragnoli Foundation

Hospice Seràgnoli Foundation is an organization operating in the field of palliative cures. The main goal is to create a model built on excellence for the cure and support to those patients affected by terminal illnesses. Deutsche Bank Foundation support the financing of scholarships for doctors and medical assistants that will take part to one of the Master promoted by Seràgnoli Foundation in collaboration with Bologna University and ASMEPA (Accademy of Science of Palliative Cures). Those Masters represent a prestigious excellence in their fields, integrating the frontal lessons with internships in the Hospice clinics and international experiences, thanks to partners in Spain and United States.

Our Partner

The Hospice Seràgnoli Foundation is a private no-profit institution operating in palliative cures since 2002. Hospice Foundation takes care of patients with terminal illnesses and their families without charge. They pay special attention to their patients needs and conditions. Beyond this activity, the Foundation is actively involved in collaborations with research and education projects. In particular, the Academy of Sciences of Palliative Medicine (ASMEPA), that every year activates Masters of formation for all the health staff.

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