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Study to grow up: Deutsche Bank supports San Patrignano

November 26, 2011 | The traditional charity auction in favour of San Patrignano raised funds to support the education program for people in rehab.

Over 1 million euros were raised in one night, in the occasion of the traditional charity auction that takes place every year in Milan for San Patrignano, the most famous rehab center in Italy.

Reinforcing its continued commitment to this important community, whose foundation steps back to 1978 at the hands of Vincenzo Muccioli, Deutsche Bank patronized the charity event at Teatro Versace, in cooperation with Sotheby's, the famous auction house.

Some of the most renowned Italian fashion houses, jewelers and car manufacturers donated unique pieces, put under the hammer together with prime quality food and handcrafts made in San Patrignano
Over 400 guests made an appearance at the event, among them representatives of the Italian banking and financial sector, along with top management of large industrial companies.

The money raised during the evening is going to be assigned to the education activities that San Patrignano holds for its people: the community organizes school courses that last three to four years. In this way, everyone has the chance to obtain a degree or a qualification to make the reintegration easier, once completed the rehab program.

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