Awards 2014


Italian Certificates Award

1st place in the 'Certificate with No Capital Protection' category
Award assigned to the DOUBLE CHANCE CAP on Apple Computer Inc., non capital protected certificate linked to the Apple share, with a maturity of  3 years. This certificate, listed on EuroTLX, is currently up 42% with respect to the issue price.

2nd place in the Certificate with 'Conditional Capital Protection' category
Award assigned to the  Express on Tesla Motors Inc., certificate with conditional capital protection linked to the Tesla share, with a maturity of 3 years and semiannual early redemption possibility.
Issued in December 2013 and subsequentely listed on EuroTLX, this certificate early redeemed on June 20, 2014.

3rd place in the Certificate Journal Award
The prized was assigned to the issuer offering the best support and information services along the year. The award criteria include website quality, platform, products search functionality, database update, prices, communications to investors, issues, adv campaigns effectiveness, newsletters and leaflets clarity and quality, education services and teaching during roadshows.



IAIR AWARDS - - Excellence in Global Economy & Sustainability

Deutsche Bank was rewarded as the Best Bank / Europe for its "ability to ensure the best results by integrating passion and precision in the relationship with the customer who is offered the added value of a reality that is rooted in the tradition of excellence".


Le Fonti Award

Deutsche Assets & Wealth Managemet won the prestigious Le Fonti Award as Best Wealth Management department in Italy. It is the fourth year in a row this accolade "for its investment ability in all the main asset class, for the ability to define products and services meeting both invemstment objectives and strategy and the global vision of the market".


German Institute for Quality and Finance

Deutsche Bank was rewarded by the German Institute for Quality and Finance as "Top Conditions" for the banking account 'db Online Plus'; and as "Best Retail Bank" for the customer satisfaction.
Deutsche Bank specifically received the best grades its price-quality ratio, its offer, convenience, communication to customers and satisfaction for the banking accounts.


Randstad Globe Awards

Deutsche Bank has been named Italy's best employer in the financial services sector for its career opportunities and competitive benefits. It is the second consecutive year that the Bank in Italy has been recognised in a survey carried out by global human resources firm Ranstad.


Best Foreign Bank in Italy

Deutsche Bank won the Guido Carli Award as Best Foreign Bank in Italy, part of the Milano Finanza Gloabl Awards 2014.

Value Creator

Finanza & Futuro, Deutsche Bank's network of  financial advisors, received the "Value Creator" award in the middle - sized banks category, for its top performing balance and efficiency results.

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