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Bocconi University

Deutsche Bank was the first foreign group that has built a strategic partnership with Bocconi University, through a range of activities in order to invest into the excellences.

A Strategic Partnership

2018 ? Milan

Bocconi University is one of the most important universities in Italy, specialized in the teaching of economic and social sciences.

Since 2010, Deutsche Bank Italia and Bocconi University are strategic partners, aiming to provide students with opportunities and  working together to implement many initiatives: Deutsche Bank academic course "Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing", many seminars and conferences, scholarships and internship programs.

Since 2016, Deutsche Bank Chair in Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing has become permanent and is promoting a wide number of seminaries on actual themes as, for instance the summit: Stati Generali delle Pensioni on longevity risk and pension system.


  Students taking part to           The seminars promoted
Deutsche Bank chair                        since 2011


Euros donated by Deutsche      Students that have taken part
       Bank to finance                       to an internship in one of 
         scolarships                                      our offices

Bocconi University was inaugurated at the beginning of last century; it is one of the most renowned universities in Europe and an important center of economic and social sciences research. The university strives to provide excellent education to its students, offering also extra-academic opportunities, such as internships, conferences and study abroad experiences. Although it is a private institute, Bocconi has been investing in order to provide the same opportunities to everybody favoring cultural progress, international exchange, and economic integration.

Deutsche Bank course

In 2010, the Deutsche Bank "Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing", thought by Carlo Favero, ordinary professors and Finance Department Professor, has been instituted. The course, attended by more that 800 students per year, focuses on themes like demographic changes, sustainability of growth and retirement systems in developed countries.

Seminaries and Conferences

Among the most important conferences, a series of seminars on different themes, such as: "Longevity Risk" (2011), Deutsche Bank former CEO Josef Ackermann talking about economic scenaries (2012), and one of the first detailed studies on the pensions, first proposed in 2013, and further investigated three years later.


More than 315 thousands euros donated to finance scholarships for deserving Master Degree and SDA (School of Business Administration) students.

Internship programs

Internships programs in Deutsche Bank in Milan, Frankfurt and London have been offered to Bocconi students. Since 2011, more than 120 students have been taken part to the program.

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