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Deutsche Bank and Bocconi University launch the "Stati Generali delle Pensioni"

November 19 ? Milan

On November 28 the first forum on Italian retirement system will take place in Milan

On November  28, Deutsche Bank Italy and Bocconi University will host in Milan the first " Stati Generali delle Pensioni " to present the most recent developments in the retirement system to the Italian audience. Top speakers will attend the meeting, and Minister of Labour Enrico Giovannini will deliver the keynote speech.

A balanced pension system is representative of the proper economic growth of a country. Currently, a few levers - such as the progressively ageing population and the consequent pension expense increase -  are likely to jeopardize this equilibrium. Retirement is therefore becoming a topical issue both for governments and the public.

During the conference " Stati Generali delle Pensioni", important representatives from the Italian economic and institutional world will discuss our retirement system. The debate will start from the current risk not to ensure aged people consumptions, and will present possible solutions such as the average life expectancy index, supplementary pension accounts and longevity risk products.


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Free entrance while seats last.
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The conference will be held in Italian.



Andrea Sironi - Dean, Bocconi University
Flavio Valeri - Chief Country Officer, Deutsche Bank Italia

Keynote Speech
Enrico Giovannini - Labour Minister

Panel 1
Retirement system sustainability

Vincenzo Galasso - Professor of Political Economy, Bocconi University
Raffaele Bonanni - Secretary General CISL
Carlo Favero - Deutsche Bank Chair in Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing, Bocconi University
Antonio Mastrapasqua - Chairman Inps
Giovanni Valotti - Deputy Dean for Istitutional Relations, Bocconi University



Panel 2
Retirment funds: state of the art

Sergio Paci - Professor Financial Intermediaries, Bocconi University
Anna Deambrosis - Head of  Person and Saving Protection Department, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
Mauro Maré - Chairman, Mefop
Lorenzo Savorelli - Head of Research & Development, Assicurazioni Generali
Tito Boeri - Deputy Dean for research, Bocconi University

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