Helping children in Naples together with the Fondazione con il Sud

The Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia is in partnership with the Fondazione con il Sud in an ambitious project which has arisen from the desire to help and provide opportunities for a better future for children from the poor quarters of Naples.

The partnership, which was started by Deutsche Bank in 2012 and is presently entrusted to the Foundation, has been set up to support the Casa di Tonia, a challenge launched by the Church in Naples which presently houses 6 residential women each with a child and supports a garden for infants which is open to the children of poor families in the area - around 60 children - and an outreach counselling service. It expects to have numerous teaching and experiential labs for the mothers and children housed in the home.

The objective is to extract children from the risks of deviance and social marginality, by encouraging cultural interests. It does this through the children participating in the individual labs and by offering growth paths addressing independence and an awareness of the freedom to choose what pleases and interests the child most, depending on its potential.

Casa di Tonia

The "Casa di Tonia" is a shelter set up in memory of Tonia Accardo at the initiative of the See of Naples, the objective being to house pregnant abandoned women and very young mothers in difficulty, who don't have anywhere to live. On the one hand, the aim is to make it possible for these women to have a home, to feel the warmth of family and not to remain alone and, on the other, to protect the child about to be born by welcoming and caring for it.

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Figures 2013

6 mother-child units housed
60 children visiting the daycare
95 children at the art laboratories

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Last Update: March 14, 2014
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