Together with Itaca in Rome for mental diseases

The non-profit organisation Itaca Onlus carries out a constant and silent job every single day: helping people with mental disorders to follow a path of social and employment rehabilitation and supporting their families.

In Italy, Itaca works through "clubs", that is, day facilities in which the people helped are known as "members" and take an active part in the life and development of the club. Within these "clubs" they are organised into projects to fight mental disorders regarding information, prevention, support and rehabilitation.

This is a major problem in Italy today and the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia, continuing the work carried out by the Bank in the past, is actively supporting Itaca Onlus in the project "Club Itaca Roma", an association founded in the capital in 2010 and which, after only two and a half years of activity, has already won the Premio Formica d'Oro per il Sociale (Award for social work) in Lazio.

40 people are currently being helped free of charge in the centre. Commitment and innovation, dedication and worth, desire to change. These are the key words to describe the work carried out by the Club Itaca Roma and which is supported by the Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia.

Ughetta Radice Fossati Orlando, Itaca Project Manager, said:

"In mythology and in Mediterranean historical culture, Itaca represents the final destination of a long journey. A journey fraught with difficulties. Always keep Itaca in your mind, reaching it will be your goal."


40 people helped
11 job contracts after rehab
7 companies hiring the club's guests
5 familly-family courses
60 relatives involved
7.000 hours volunteered


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Last Update: March 13, 2014
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