Doing together with FAI

As the Foundation's slogan says, FAI is not only a logo but, in Italian, is also a part of the verb "to do". And "doing" is precisely the aim of FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the Italian National Trust), which has been working for years to safeguard Italy's artistic and natural heritage.

The Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia has also made this line of action - of doing and doing well - its mainstay. This is why we have worked alongside the FAI for many years, first through Deutsche Bank and now through its Italian Foundation.

We share the same aims and give our active support to its daily commitment to:

Protect and promote
The FAI restores and reopens unique monuments and nature sites to the public

. Educate and raise awareness
The FAI educates and raises awareness in the community to understand, respect and take care of art and nature, both elements that characterise Italy's identity

Watch over and take action
The FAI watches over the country and takes action to defend its countryside and its cultural heritage
Find out what we have done together with FAI up to now

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Deutsche Bank and FAI together to defend the Italian nature and art heritage

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Last Update: March 13, 2014
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