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I Like Tuesdays: 200 people for Vanessa Beecroft

May 31, 2011 ? Milan

200 people to listen the dialogue between Vanessa Beecroft and Luigi Zoja, protagonists of the second appointment of I Like Tuesdays


After the great success of the first appointment, on 31st of May has been the second  conference of  "I like Tuesdays".

In a rainy day, more than 200 people came to the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Milan to hear the dialogue between Vanessa Beecroft, the well-known artist, and Luigi Zoja, famous psychoanalyst and writer.

The special guests talked about beauty and devices: from the performance of Vanessa Beecroft, they talked about the meaning of beauty in our modern society.

The conference as usual took place in the Italian DB Headquarters in Milan.  At the end  the guests have discovered  the art collection of the bank in Italy trough special guided tours inspired to the theme of the talk. During the event a cocktail has been offered to everyone.

Next appointments will be:
- Tuesdays, June 14th
- Tuesdays, September 20th

For more information, please contact:
+ 39 02 40242776

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