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"I Like Tuesdays" confirms its success: over 100 people joined the second talk

April 18, 2012 ? Milan

Great appreciation for Stefano Arienti and Adriana Cavarero

The second appointment with "I Like Tuesdays" confirms the success of the initiative: over 100 participants from the art and culture environment, together with a group from Deutsche Bank Italy Women's Network, joined the event on Tuesday, April 17 with Stefano Arienti e Adriana Cavarero.

The theme of the night was dedicated to "The other tells us: identity and relationship": a dialogue to underline the role of people around us. Through their gaze, they define and complete our history and our identity. As to Arienti, being an artist is not a profession but a way of being. The qualification of artist comes from the others, those who give sense to works of art. Similarly, on Adriana Cavarero's opinion, everybody needs  to confront with other people, and reflect upon their own identity through their look.

After the talk, participants took a guided tour of a selection of works of art from Deutsche Bank Collection Italy, in line with the theme of the event.

Coming next, the third night with "I Like Tuesdays", on May 22 at 7:00 pm, will welcome in Deutsche Bank Headquarters artist Massimo Bartolini and the famous novelist Maurizio Maggiani.

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