Italy Women's Network

Deutsche Bank fosters  Gender Diversity through "Women's Network", the international network launched in Italy in 2012 aimed at enhancing women professionals. Women's Network is part of the Group's initiatives dedicated to plurality, created to develop and spread in  workplaces a gender diversity oriented culture.

The network's local section, called Italy Women's Network, is committed to pursue the following objectives:

  • Support women professionals in expressing their potential, enhancing their leadership and developing their career;
  • Provide a platform for those employees interested in joining and promoting professional development, personal growth, corporate responsibility;
  • Have a one-voice approach to dialogue on gender diversity with senior management;
  • Foster equal opportunities against any discrimination (gender, age, culture, ...) along the whole chain of corporate management;
  • Promote Deutsche Bank as one of the best and innovative places to work, dedicated to welfare and people development;
  • Favor professionals networking and experiences sharing on a local and global level among women in Deutsche Bank, as well as with external networks and professional groups.

The Network's success is based on employees support: many voluntary working teams cooperate to propose and manage different events, such as:

  • Inspirational Speaker Series, where a guest speakers  illustrates professional success stories;
  • Coffee connects: informal meetings where feminine staff interact with senior management in an informal environment to help knowledge sharing;
  • Book lunch: presentation and discussion of recent topical publications, presented by employees;
  • Work-life balance initiatives, to facilitating the correct proportion among personal commitments, family and work through services and policies development;
  • External network, interacting with important associations as Valore D, PWA (Professional Women's Association), AIBE (Association of Foreign Banks in Italy).
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Last Update: April 17, 2013
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