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More than 1000 visitors to the fifth edition of Deutsche Bank Open Day

October 1, 2011 ? Milan

Once again the Deutsche Bank event dedicated to its Art Collection won the day.


Once again the Deutsche Bank event dedicated to its Art Collection won the day.  The annual initiative "Invitation to the Palace", promoted by the ABI (Bank Association Italy) to let the public walk in the buildings of Italian bank institutes, recalled more than a thousand guests to the Headquarter of Milano Bicocca.
Art lovers, families, employees and simple sightseers had the chance to discover a brand new bank, playing the role of a contemporary art gallery, setting up more than 400 pieces of art.

This year photography was under  the spotlights and "Histories" was the main theme that led all the tours through the collection. Visitors had the opportunity to be taken around the building by very special guides: artists, photographers, art collectors and even employees.
Among them, some globally recognized artists, such as Gabriele Basilico - one of the masters of italian photography - Lara Favaretto - young and talented photographer - and Rä Di Martino - successful international artist - transmitted to their audience their personal impressions and interpretations of both exposed pictures and their own works of art.
On this occasion, guests had also the opportunity to appreciate a very recent work by Gabriele Basilico, dedicated to Rome, at its first exposure on the walls of Deutsche Bank.
Kids were entertained with different creative activities. Those ranging 6 to 12 years old, took a special guided tour of all the funniest works of art of the Collection. After the tour, they were invited by an extraordinary tutor, the young artist Moira Ricci, to create a "moment to remember", by filling small boxes with cut & pasted paper images. A team of special animators looked after younger children in a dedicated playground set with games and drawing kits.

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