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"Let's take care": Deutsche Bank supports the Medical Center of San Patrignano

November 26 ? Milan

Deutsche Bank supports for the fourth year the charity auction in favor of the San Patrignano

On Saturday November 23 the traditional dinner auction in favor of San Patrignano took place in Milan. Nearly 1,4 million Euros were collected and will be devoted to the most famous Italian rehab community, which provide recovery to drug addiction since many years. More than 400 guests from the industrial and institutional world made an appearance at the event, including the Moratti family , historical supporter of San Patrignano. 
In addition to Deutsche Bank - main sponsor of the event since four years now - famous luxury products were donated by the top companies in the Made in Italy industry, while auction house Christies took care of the bids. Special gastronomic products made by the community guests were the top requested ones.

This year the proceeds of the event will be devolved to the project "Let's Take Care": San Patrignano's Medical Center created in 1994 to provide the community with a solidarity support beside the medical and scientific one. In specific, the funds will be used to renew facilities and buy new medical equipment and supplies.

Learn more about San Patrignano

San Patrignano

Since 30 years San Patrignano welcomes boys and girls suffering from with drug problems with no charge or contribution request to families or governments. No ideological or social discrimination affects the reception of guests. The community hosts about 1,300 people today. Since 1978 , San Patrignano has welcomed more than 20,000 people, offering them a shelter, medical care and legal advice, as well as the opportunity to study, learn a expertise, to change their lives into society. 109 volunteers work at the community, together with 313 advisors and consultants, thereof  32.5% former guests of San Patrignano, who successfully completed the recovery path.  The community welcomes also about 70 children, both sons of the community staff and the guests, many families and more than 30 minors with drug problems.

"Let's Take Care",  Medical Center of San Patrignano , located in Rimini headquarters of the community, was born in 1994 to enrich the center with a solidarity support, beside the medical and scientific one. It is proven in fact that several diseases - particularly HIV infection - are positively affected by an empathetic approach and solidarity  from people around them.

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