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Deutsche Bank launches the first Matched Giving initiative in Italy

July 16, 2012 ? Milan

The project "Deutsche Bank runs for children" will support the association Archè by "adopting" 3 familiar units for one year.

DB Italy engages for the first time in a matched giving project dedicated to children and families in difficult conditions (physical or psychological diseases).

The initiative "DB runs for Children" aims at raising funding to support three familiar units hosted by no profit organization Archè - based in Milan. A Deutsche Bank employee is going to run in the "Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc" marathon, taking place on the Monte Bianco from August 27 to September 2 2012, to promote the initiative and sensitize the audience.

Archè is a no profit organization founded in 1991 to provide a support to those children and families living physical and psychological diseases. The organization also provides shelter in "family houses" to women in serious condition. 18 women and children actually live in "Casa Archè" in Milan.

Deutsche Bank is going to support 3 family units for one year matching employee's personal charitable donations.

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Last Update: July 16, 2012
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