"Crossing Borders": Italy hosts its first Women in Business and Society conference

Semptember 17, 2013 ? Milan

More than 600 participants attended the inaugural event in Milan

Deutsche Bank Italy hosted its first Women in Business and Society Conference (WBS), in partnership with Eni, one of the world's leading energy companies, on Tuesday, September 17, at Piccolo Teatro Strehler in Milan.
The conference attracted over 600 guests, 70 members of media, and speakers from the institutional, financial, industrial, ethical and scientific industries, including Leymah Gbowee, 2011 Nobel Laureate and H.E. Esperança Bias, Minister of Mineral Resources, Mozambique.

The conference, which was broadcast live via video conference, featured panel discussions on the future of Europe, starting with a look at the African continent.
Delegates were shown a video, based on research by the Boston Consulting Group, which highlighted how Africa is currently overwhelmed by famine, child mortality and civil wars, yet in the last decade it has experienced strong economic and social growth.

The first panel discussion, "Lessons from Africa", focused on what Europe can learn from Africa. Eni CEO, Paolo Scaroni, said the first lesson "is the desire to achieve", referring to the development of infrastructure and welfare within the continent. "The role of women can be crucial in this process," said H.E. Esperança Bias, explaining that government reforms in education, microcredit and family support in Mozambique have resulted in significantly better conditions for women. A change in mentality is necessary though, to leave gender fallacies behind, she said.  

A second video introduced "Value and Sustainable Growth" where speakers discussed the main factors driving economic recovery in Europe. "Development can't disregard research and innovation," said Ilaria Capua, Virologist and Researcher. "The empowerment of women is also key to increasing the amount of talent," she added. Deutsche Bank Italy's Chief Country Officer Flavio Valeri outlined the Bank's target of having 25% of senior management positions held by women by 2018. "We have clear and ambitious objectives about diversity," he said.

Other eminent speakers at the conference included: Sister Giuliana Galli, Governing Council Member Compagnia di San Paolo; Lucrezia Reichlin, Chair Economics Faculty London Business School; Paola Severino, Professor of Criminal Law, Lawer; Former Minister of Justice and Veronica Squinzi, Global Development Director Gruppo Mapei.

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"Lessons from Africa"

Africa, a continent that continues to grow towards the future. A continent still overwhelmed by too many clichés and prejudices. This video, shown during the Women in Business and Society conference by Deutsche Bank and Eni, highlights both sides of this continent. "Is this time for Africa?".

"Value and Sustainable Growth"

Europe is the continent of mature economies, the birthplace of developed countries. However, it is now facing a crucial time. In this video shown during the conference, the main figures suggest a reflection on the future of Europe. "Is this still time for Europe?".
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Women in Business and Society, Crossing Borders

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Crossing the Borders

Milan, September 17th, 2013 - 3.00 pm
Piccolo Teatro Giorgio Strehler
Largo Greppi, 1

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