Business Card
  • Name: Eric
  • Country: Sweden
  • Business Area: Private Wealth Management, Nordic desk
  • Period of Internship: 15th of May 2010-15th of August 2010    
My tasks

The thing I loved the most about my internship was that I had, from day one, a wide variety of things on my table where my analytical skills were really put to the test. I used Microsoft excel a lot to calculate the average purchasing price for clients as well as taxes. I began my internship in a very fast paced period, where we opened plenty of accounts. I assisted with the account opening process and helped to write the KYCs, Know Your Client, which is standard information about the client and his/her wealth. I also helped working on business cases.  I learned immense amounts and had the great privilege to work for a team that gave me a great deal of responsibility.


Why did I choose Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A.?

I found out from a friend at the University of Michigan that Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A. offered internships to students. My friend had been doing an internship here the previous summer and recommended me to apply for one. I did and it is one of my best decisions ever. When I got the offer to work for the Nordic desk I was thrilled and could not wait to start. Not only was I going to work for a world renowned banking corporation,  but also spend the summer in Luxembourg and experience a new country, with a different culture and people. Maybe what attracted me the most to Deutsche Bank Luxembourg, was the fact that the bank puts a strong emphasis on team work and has a stellar reputation for quality and competence.


My background

I originally come from Sweden but decided after my senior year of high school to go the United States and complete my university studies there. I attend the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and am a finance major, with a minor in German. At present, I have two more years before I complete my degree. I have always been interested in the economic system and how the financial market works so the internship at Deutsche Bank really helped me to get more in depth knowledge of the market and also get practical experience of things I have been learning in the various classes at my university.


Daily challenges

One will for sure encounter various challenges at an internship. The most important thing is not to be afraid to ask for help from one of your team members. There is no textbook that will tell you how to solve all problems; instead you have to encounter each problem with an open mind.  My supervisors and team members provided great support for me to face and solve challenges along the way.


My goals

Since I have two more years until I get my degree, I will have another opportunity for an internship the summer of 2011. Where it will be I do not know yet, but New York, London or Chicago would be amazing. However, I would definitely not mind another internship at Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg. After graduation I want to continue working within the banking industry and finance, in particular with investment banking. The experience and confidence that my internship at Deutsche Bank Luxembourg gave me provide a great stepping stone for my future career and is something that I will remember and cherish for years to come.

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