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March 6, 2017

Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation Celebrates a Year of Giving

Over 5,000 beneficiaries from across the Middle East & North Africa impacted by the Middle East Foundation activities in 2016

Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation (MEF) was established in November 2008 with a focus on supporting education, early-stage enterprise, community development, sustainability and volunteering in the Middle East and North Africa region. Since then, the Foundation has supported 34 unique organizations, including NGO’s, Schools & Universities, Welfare Organisations, Artistic Programmes and many more.

Over the past eight years, the MEF has thrived in a bank that’s firmly focused on investing in the communities within which is operates. Employees have collectively delivered 967 volunteering hours within only the past five years, spreading over nine countries and an outreach that impacted around 30,000 people in need.

MENA Corporate Citizenship Programs in 2016

Through its Born to Be youth engagement programme, Deutsche Bank is working to change the lives and prospects of the next generation.

The MEF has supported ChoirFest Middle East for three consecutive years, which uses singing and the arts to promote harmony in the Middle East. Choirs from across the region are invited to share their musical traditions with a wider audience and by doing so, build bridges between cultures. By encouraging musical collaboration, ChoirFest helps to break down the barriers that create distrust among people.

Through MEF support via the Born to Be youth engagement programme, the American University in Cairo, Egypt, received a donation aimed at enhancing the training given to teachers in Cairo, exposing them to the best international teaching research methods. This “teach the teacher” programme aims to offer new, more effective strategies and techniques to teachers in order to dramatically improve the quality of teaching in Egypt and therefore overall education standards.

Without doubt, one of the most critical humanitarian crises of our time is playing out through the Syrian and African refugee crisis. For this reason, the MEF is committed to supporting organisations making a real difference to the lives of refugees in some of the most badly affected areas of Lebanon and Jordan. For two years, the MEF has partnered with Italian NGO “Civil Volunteer Group’s” (GVC) humanitarian program, to provide shelter and access to potable water in informal tented settlement villages in the North Beqaa on the Lebanese/Syrian border. More than 1,180 beneficiaries have so far received emergency weatherproofing kits, water distribution systems and water tanks along with basic hygiene training.

The MEF strives to be active at a grassroots level, working to improve day-to-day wellbeing of those most in need. We want to be there to support communities in emergencies, and be the forefront of efforts to prepare them for the future.

An additional focus of the MEF in 2016 was to increase volunteering rates among staff across Deutsche Bank’s offices in MENA. 2016 was a landmark year in this regard, with volunteering rates increasing by over 15% across the region, as projects such as the Rashid Center Hippotherapy Programme for disabled children in the UAE, “Water for Workers” in Dubai and the donation of “Iftar” meals for workers fasting during Ramadan in Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai led to a marked increase in volunteering rates.

“We are very proud of the number of staff that contributed towards the MEF’s programmes last year,” said Stuart Haslam, co-chairman of the Middle East Foundations. “Last year saw over 360 volunteering hours reached across the region and we’re seeing a tangible positive impact on the projects we support, not to mention the positive impact these volunteering hours have on staff themselves.”

The year 2017 will see a continued focus on some of the MEF’s marquee projects from previous years, with ChoirFest Middle East scheduled to kick off in March in Dubai and plans already in place for an expanded round of giving through the Iftar Meals for Workers initiative. This year will also see investments in projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan and Egypt.


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