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November 2, 2016

Investing for a brighter future in Egypt

The need for improving education standards in Egypt is significant as the country currently ranks 139 out of 144 countries in the recent Global Competitiveness Report on primary education standards issued by the World Economic Forum.

Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation has stepped in with an important investment to improve the quality of primary school teaching in Egypt.

Recognising the fact that high quality education starts with well-qualified teachers, Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation has partnered with the American University in Cairo (AUC) to develop and support a programme for primary school teachers in Egypt called “Teach the Teacher”.

The program is vitally important. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2015 – 2016, Egypt ranked 139 out of 144 countries in terms of quality of primary education.

Ahmed Shehab, Chief Country Officer in Egypt, recently visited the training facility at the AUC to examine the programme and its progress. In a meeting with the Dean of the Graduate School of Education and the Director of Development, Ahmed emphasized the importance of the initiative for Egypt’s future generations. “The impact on targeted schools, students and even related parents is notable, especially after a shift in the approach from a fragmented selection of teachers from several schools to focusing on a larger number of teachers from one single school. This new approach has lead to changing perceptions within the programme’s participants, as we are now seeing much less push-back on the new methods being used. These shifting perceptions were actually influenced through a Deutsche Bank recommendation to choose an individual school for the programme beneficiaries – the teachers themselves - and we are pleased to see their development.”

Selected primary school teachers are trained in the best international teaching methods and are encouraged to implement these new strategies in their classrooms. Furthermore, the program assists the teachers in understanding and fostering the development of early learning skills in young children in the classroom, at home, and within the community. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Professional Educator Diploma in Teaching Early Years Learners (CELE) from the AUC.

Recognising the importance of education reform, “Teach the Teacher” is one of many “Born to Be” projects supported by Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation aiming to help young people reach their full potential. Last year, the Foundation handed over its third “Deutsche Bank Campus” to the Citizens Foundation in Pakistan to provide high quality education for secondary level students in the rural area of Razi Dero, Gambat, District Khairpur.

From left to right: Ahmed Shehab, Chief Country Officer Egypt, Ms. Dina ElGazzar, Director of Development at AUC, Dr. Ted Purinton, Dean of the Graduate School of Education at AUC.


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